Fraudulent Websites and Scams

Dear All,

Please remember:

    We do not have any official distributor or reseller anywhere

We receive various queries about whether X or Y is an “official distributor” or “official partner” of products simply because X or Y claims to be an “official distributor” or “official partner” of Europemineshop. We have no official representatives or distributors in any country. This brings us to the following point.

    We only sell on

Even if a executive wanted to order our products, he or she has to place the order on There is no other way of ordering hardware from . We will never send you an invoice on Skype or using a Gmail email address, both of which have been used by impostors to scam Antminer,GPU Miners or DragonMint miners buyers before.

    Type the exact URL or save the correct URL

When you want to visit our website, please type or . You may bookmark these two websites to ensure you are not misled by a website that looks similar to our website and even has a URL that very closely resembles our real URL.

    The only invoice you should trust is the one automatically generated by

We never send a wallet address or payment link manually on Skype or by email. All our invoices and payment instructions are automatically generated and emailed by after you have placed an order there. If you fear that the email may not be genuine, you can also login to your account to access the correct invoice or payment instructions.

If you would like to subscribe to a particular model’s batch notification emails, please leave our sales team a message with your email address and name of the models that you are interested in staying notified about.

All our Best, – Legit EU Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs  & Computer Systems & Electronics