About Us

Europemineshop.com is established global community of hardware engineers and blockchain enthusiasts with offices based in Europe & United States of America . Most of us used to mine bitcoin since 2011 and have cutting edge experience in efficient mining as well as expert knowledge in crypto currency mining machines and software. During the last years our community members spent much time reviewing the hardware by BITMAIN, BAIKAL and BitFury having tested their mining units, servers, coolers and large scale parallel computing software.

As of now we are proud to offer the variety of products and services for you:

We sell brand new proven and efficient mining hardware units;

We sell GPU  mining units tested by our quality assurance team and ready to mine;

We sell brand new  mining hardware;

We build, deliver and install custom scale mining “farms”;

We make technical research and conduct hardware tests of any mining hardware and provide exclusive, detailed reviews for press release and web content;

We remain devoted to delivery of high quality and efficient mining equipment, following each sale and providing exclusive customer service and technical support. We are always online and strive to bring absolute satisfaction to every customer ordering from us. Europemineshop.com  is the only marketplace which implemented fair return policy of mining merchandise for customers who change their mind for some reason and want to return back the funds invested in purchase. We take to each order placed with the highest level of responsibility from the phase of pre-order support to the help and maintenance stage after delivery. Shipping of every order is confirmed with the customer in order to exclude delays, customs tax and duty overpayment, take extra care of safety and convenience.

www.Europemineshop.com  company details



Company number 11083260


Company Director

Martin Richards

Registered office address

International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, United Kingdom, EC1A 2BN

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